Brethren Born #1

Brethren Born is our flagship comic and was released officially on October 24th 2015.  You can hear some of the reviews on the website.  We couldn't be prouder of this comic...our first baby!!

Brethren Born #2

British Showcase Anthology  Volume 2

Myself and Sophie Traves have a 9 page story included in the second volume of The British Showcase Anthology.  It features a collection of short stories with a range of genrè from horror to heroes with our story "Car Pool Tunnel Syndrome" making an apperance.  Its a fun horror tale with a little play on the classic chase sequence.  If you'd like a copy you can email me here on check it out over on Amazon.

Comichaus Monthly Anthology

My story 'Suited and Booted' has been serialised and runs in the first four issues of the Comichaus Indie Anthology which has been confirmed as a monthly publication.  You can get the first three issues via the Comichaus website or by contacting me directly via email.  The books are packed with brilliant stories and awesome artwork and the ultra talented Dan Butcher has done all artwork for our sc-fi tale which could be described as 'Mad Max on Mars!'  Click the images of the books above to get you straight to the Comic haus website.

My first anthology published in Sliced Quarterly #3

13/7/16: An extremely proud moment as I have had my first ever anthology story published in the brilliant Sliced Quarterly #3.  A big change from writing sci-fi as  Sliced Quarterly is all about slice of life stories...tales from real life far away from super heroes and fantasy.  The online digital comic is edited and curated by Ken Reynolds, a brilliant creator himself who has taken up the challenge of making his own anthology which is a platform for small press and indie creators to show off their work.  Crowdsurfing was written specially for SC#3 and as soon as I had got it down, I knew the artist I wanted...Rory Donald aka Reach Illustration.  Rory has recently completed Griff Gristle with the Madius boys and as soon as I had seen his amazing art style I contacted him and we quickly got started on the story.  Ken himself added the cherry to this little cupcake of a story (just 2 pages) and the result is something I am very proud of.  Click the picture or the link above to head over and download the anthology to have a read.  It is filled with some brilliant and funny stories which I know you'll enjoy.  Cheers, JL.

The 'Secret Story' (now revealed as AWAY)


Dramatic headline ahoy as I can only give a few details about this one whilst we are in talks with the publisher.  This will be my first time writing a graphic novel and the team is a spectacular array of awesome talent.  On pencils and inks is Grant Richards.  We met last year at Shane Chebsey's ICE festival in Birmingham and got on like a house on fire and when I sent the script to Grant he produced some amazing artwork.  On colours is Darren Stephens, a veteran on the small press scene who has worked with some pretty big names over the years.  His initial colours are beautiful and are bringing Grant's panels to life in a spectacular way.  The letters are being done by Rob Jones (Madius Comics, Papercuts and Inkstains), a veritable machine who has more projects on the gothan you could shake several sticks at.  Rob is also lettering Brethren Born #2 and his lettering is a joy to behold.  This book should be done within 12 months and as soon as I can reveal more information I will.


Any more for any more???


Although I am busy with all the above projects as well as writing Brethren Born #3, I am always open to collaboration with artists on series, anthologies and any other types of projects.  If you'd like to get in touch you can email at level8comics@gmail or find me on the Level 8 Facebook page. Cheers and hope to hear from you soon.  JL



If you have always wanted to ask me something, now is the time to go for it!

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