Design a Character Competiton


Both Matt Strott and I have been pouring over the entries for the competition and we have chosen not 2 winners but 3!!  The standard was so high it made it a very difficult job to choose just two winners.  We loved every single character that you guys sent us but unfortunately we can't have all of them in the comic...there'd be no room for the Late Knights!!  Thank you all so much for being involved but without further ado, here are the names of the winners:

Keeran Richardson's character Herbert Jorkins (Good guy)


Neve Whithead's character Miss Fur Frost (Bad guy)


Matt Banks' character Chamelegran (Bad guy)


Well done to you guys.  Each of you will have your character in the comic and you'll not only get the digital bumper pack for entering, but you'll also get a set of art prints and 5 copies of the comic as well as having your name featured as part of the design team!!


We hope that you all keep doing what you're doing as reading, writing, drawing and being creative is so important.  Comics are a great way to do all of them so if you have a story to tell, go make comics!!  I will contact all of you parents when the digital bumper pack is ready to be delivered.  Until then, thanks once again and keep in touch with the Late Knights right here!!  JL.

Charles and Cassandra Late:  Mom and dad who try to keep the kids in check and not to worry too much during missions.  Charles is a master of swordplay and martial arts and Cassandra is master markswomen and a stealth expert.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Late: The eldest daughter.  Fifteen years old with the attitude to match, she is a computer expert and master tracker.  Big sister to the twins, she has to deal with the trials and tribulations of being a teenager as well as keeping her secret hero life from her friends at school

William (Bill) Late: Vix’s twin brother.  The naughtiest of the kids, he is training to be a martial artist like his dad and is a technology expert and always has his sentient drone ‘M.A.R.T.Y” with him.  

Victoria (Vix) Late: Bill’s twin sister, the shyest of the family but can stick up for herself.  A master at languages and driving any type of vehicle.  Vix has an almost telepathic bond with William and they often team up using their skills to get the adults out of trouble.

Pencils from Page 1 by the awesome Matt Strott
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