Brethren Born#2 Legends!

Just like I promised for issue 1, below is a list of the wonderful people who backed the Kickstarter campaign for issue 2 and made help make the dream continue.  You will have all had your rewards by now as well as the comic so thank you all once again.  You truly are legends.  JL.


Neil Simpson, Jody Alder, Simon Hawkins, Clare Duffy, Paul Casey, Paul Gower, Alex Haines, Tony Pritchard, Jamie Salter, Ian Hatton, Nick Saunders, Louise Fulwell, Rod Laight, Laura Bailey, Paul Mitic, Andy D'Amico, Pete Davies, Mark Rigby, Simon Leroux, Brett Wright, Neil Cartwright, Felisha Mason, Jaspal Lall, Lee Whittington, Amri Birdi, Alex Fuell, Stuart Whitehead, Clare Hemsworth, Keith Stubbs, Neil Graham, Matt Dormer, Jan Grigo, Jon Knibbs, Jevan Moss, Jamie Howe, Amy Waring, Neal Jones, Russell Knight, Dave West, Lee Orr, Neil Teasdale, James West, Mark Andrews, Tony Ravenscroft, Jenny Caulfield, Kristjan Bjorn Snorrason, Gareth Peters, Neil McDonnell, Matthew Palmer, Orhan Ertughrul, Josh Upton, Stuart Gould, Jim Burman, Paul Cartwright, Bobby Morris, Hellen Clark, Ashley Mooney,, Pete Genepool, Michael James, Luke Kondor, Dan Knibbs, Laura Mullin, B.E. Murer, Karim Madi, Dennis Strasburg, Shaun Hastings, Gary Lawson, Chris Biddle, Andy Swinbourne, Craig Hanrahan, Mike Long, Louie Longhi,  Victor Wright, Dave Cook, Ryan Thomson, John L Vogt, Steve Tanner, Emily Owen, Jon Scrivens, Jeremy Biggs, James Mculloch, Chris Sides, Alister Mundy, Angeline Burton, Christopher Harris, Lottie Mc Causland, Bob Murden-Brown, Graham Cartwright, James Pratt, Laura McCabe, James Gibbs, Simon Birks, Domenico Farelli, Dan Harris, Ken Reynolds, Carl Perason, Pete Woods, Jamie Burland, Joe Barrett, Alex Hahn, 

The Kickstarter Crew for Brethren Born #1

Below is the full list of wonderful, beautiful and extremely intelligent people who backed Brethren Born#1 and made it happen.  Each and every one of them is now in a very special and exclusive group who supported the project and will from now until the end of time be entitled to discounts and deals for all future Brerhren Born comics.  Phil and I are so grateful for what you all help us to achieve and hope that you stick around for all the comics that we hope to produce in the BB universe.  The following are all legends:


Nick Saunders, Simon Hawkins, Rod Laight, Neil Cartwright, Jon Knibbs, Steve Knibbs, Jamie Salter, Dean Mitic, Graham Cartwright, Kyle Knibbs, Lee Orr (Orrbs), Neil Simpson, Dan Knibbs, Laura Mullin, Brett Wright, Alison Knibbs, Michelle Laight (The Mrs), Andy Smith, Jenny Caulfield, Lisa Brothwood, Mark Hughes, Craig Andrews, Matthew Palmer, Justin Stanley, Tony Ravenscroft, Robert Gullon,Gareth Humphreys, Dave West, Ian Hatton, Mark Andrews, James West, Paul Mitic, Thomas Knibbs, Stuart Gould, Paul Casey, Nick Ashcroft (Fletch), Simon West, Jamie Howe, Neil Teasdale, Mark Rigby, Carl Pearson, Phillip Wills, Jan Grigo, Nigel Bristow, Jess Brown, Chris Mowatt, Phill Sanders, Becky Harrington, Alex Haines, Lee Whittington, Chris Andrew, Mark Boxall, Alex Fuell, Jody Alder, Bruce Morgan, Mark Rowell, Alex Hahn, Stu Whitehead, Kristjàn Björn Snorrason, Paul Robinson, Nick Petkovich, Rob Allen, Andy D’Amico (Bo), Alison Smith, Paul Cartwright, Simon Leroux,  Jon Dyson, Domenicio Farelli. Christopher Harris, Jim Burman, Amy Waring, Asa Morris (Mozza), Jeevan Jeyaratnam, Alexander Lee, Shaun Hastings, Robert Morris, Kamal, Tony Pritchard, Kevin Bunegar, Chris Biddle, Peter Tyler, Tim Grogan, Clare Duffy, Sarah Hemming, Jamie Burland, Paul Mitic, Wayne Riley, Heather Parker, Blake Green, John Macleod, Adam Treadwell, Kenneth Richardson, Julia Breakwell, Brandon Kreager, Dennis Strasburg, Gail Carrier, Alister Mundy, Alicia Mundinger, Angeline Burton, Ian Roberts, Elizah Barnes, Rudy Branch, Connor Hughes, Joe Barrett, Lottie McCausland, Hellen Clark, John Linford, James Banks, Maria Jeffrey, Victor Wright, Preston Propes, James Gough, Gary King, Christopher Squire

Level 8 Comics

Thanks for coming over to visit Level 8 Comics and finding out what it is all about.  My name is Jon Laight and I am a Comic creator and writer starting out on a new and exciting journey.  I decided to set up Level 8 Comics as a result of a successful Kickstarter project for my first comic Brethren Born.  As a startup project it was really successful with amazing feedback and this is what spurred me on to set up a small comic publishing company to add that extra level of professionalism.  


I am a full time Firefighter with a passion for comics.  Ever since I was a teenager, I have loved to read comicbooks and appreciate the varied and amazing artwork.  Unfortunately I am a terrible artist and it was only recently I seriously considered writing a comic following a conversation with a friend of mine.  I had written the first few chapters of a book and sent it out to a few friends who gave me some decent feedback.  But then my spare time was filled with two beautiful daughters and the book was placed well and truly on the backburner.


As a writer, I have been writing for several years but still unpublished.  Brethren Born will be my first publication and I couldn't be prouder of what it looks like and how it reads.  I have several other comic concepts in the works which I will reveal over the next few months but if you have any questions please let me know.


Jon Laight, Creative Director,  Level 8 Comics



If you have always wanted to ask me something, now is the time to go for it!

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