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Welcome to the Brethren Born #3:Deceptions Kickstarter crowdfunding page.  Here you will find all the relevant links, teasers, artist spotlights and information for the most action packed issue yet of my flagship comic.  The campaign is now over but you can find information updated regularly below about the artists involved.  There's something for everyone from new readers to seasoned Brethren Born veterans and everyone in between.  If you have any questions please let me know. Cheers JL

The Art Team

Phil Knibbs:  Phil has been the Brethren Born pencil artist from day one.  As soon as he sent over his first sketches of the script it was obvious he was perfect for the story.  Phil did all elements of the art on Issue 1 and did an amazing job especially as it was his first comic book.  His pencils are getting better and better and as you can see below, Issue 3 is going to look incredible.

Luca Cicchitti: Luca joined the Brethren Born team for Issue 2 as realised we needed to expand the team to get books out a little quicker.  Working out of Italy, Luca has a nice bold style that sets off Phil's storytelling pencils.  Glad to have him back for Issue 3.

Santiago Ramos:  Brethren Born #2 was made to look like it belonged on the shelves of any comic book store.  This was down to all of the art team especially Santiago.  Hailing from Spain, Santiago is an experienced colour artist who has some awesome skills when it comes to pitching a tone to a story.

Rob Jones: Rob took over lettering duties from Issue 2 and has done a fantastic job.  Yorkshire cockney Rob has been lettering some of the best small press books for a couple of years and I'm chuffed to bits he's staying with us.  Rob is also lettering the 'AWAY' comic I am writing for Markosia.  Check out some of his work below.

The Cover Artist

Amrit Birdi: Amrit is a London based artist and has worked for many different clients and comic publishers over the years.  I met Amrit in 2015 at the Comics Uncovered event in Birmingham and after looking through his portfolio of artwork, I knew he was someone I'd love to work with one day.  Amrit has a disticnt style and really brings to life the characters and scenes he draws so when he agreed to be the guest cover artist I was very happy indeed.  Below are some examples of his artwork from his website and I can't wait to see what he does with our new cover.  

The Pin Up Artists

Chris Imber: Chris has been on the small press circuit for several years now and has built a following to make even the big boys jealous.  He was one of the first people to welcome me into the comic making world at MCM Birmingham and I can highly recommend anyone who wants advice or help in making comics to seek him out.  Chris is part of the Reckless Hero team who produce some of the best comics (The Last Sheriff, Operation Boom) and prints you will buy on the comic convention route!  One of the funniest and nicest blokes out there, he was part of the pin up team for BB#2 and I am so pleased to have him back for BB#3 and can't wait to show what he's done with colours by Reckless Team member Chris Jenkins!

Darrell Thorpe: Darrell is an artist I discovered last year on Twitter and then I saw his work in the charity Nottingham Comic Con comic published for the convention.  He has a really unique and eye-catching style unlike any artist I have worked with previously.  I actually got to meet him at True Believers in Cheltenham this year and it turns out he's a bloody nice bloke too.  The brief I sent him for his pin up isn't really a pin up...its a full on battle scene and the final image looks flipping brilliant.  He publishes his comics which you can have a look at here but check out some of his work below.  Would love to work with this guy more in the future!!

Grant Richards: This bloke could well be one of my favourite people on the planet.  I cannot tell you how good Grant is as my vocab is far too limited but believe me when I say he can paint and draw as good as any professionals out there.  Grant is the artist on my first ever expanded comic 'AWAY' being published by Markosia and it was a huge surprise when he told me he was doing a Newton pin up.  Below is a teaser of the image as well as a couple of examples of what Grant is capable of so do yourselves a huge favour and go seek out more of his work.

Sophie Traves: Sophie has only recently burst onto the comic scene after studying art and working in the tattoo industry.  Sophie and I worked together on the story 'Car Pool Tunnel Syndrome' for the British Showcase Anthology Vol 2 and she absolutely nailed it with her distinct style.  The pin up she has done is incredibly beautiful and captures the new character 'Vortice' perfectly as a monchrome image.  Please check out her other work over on instagram and you'll see why I think she could be do some amazing things in the comic world.

Vince Hunt: You want funny?  You want great stories and awesome characters? You want talent? Go no further coz Vince is a multi-talented fella who I really wanted to be part of the Brethren Born gang.  His on-going comic The Red Mask from Mars is now on issue 3 and is a perfect example of British Indie comics.  Vince is a regular pin up artist for other indie creators as well as an artist, letterer and host of the most popular comic podcast out there in the interweb.  We worked together on the Car Pool Tunnel Syndrome story in which Vince did the letters and his BB#3 pin up is looking great.

Dan Butcher: I've been very lucky to work with Dan on several projects, all very different but all of the art he has produced has been of a mind blowing standard.  Our main body of work has been on the serialised story 'Suited and Booted' in the Comichaus anthology which has been a tremendous experience.  Dan is best known for his ongoing webcomic 'Vanguard' which follows a team of superhumans in an action packed, super-powered and political story that weaves a tangled web of intrigue and adventure.  Dan did a pin up for issue 2 which went down a storm with backers and convention goers so asking him back was a no brainer.  Go check out his other work on his website, especially the 'El Marvo' comic currently on Kickstarter as well!!  



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