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Level 8 will support the ever growing world of independent comics and their writers, artists and readers. On these pages you can find all the latest comic news that Level 8 Comics is involved with as well as some of the exciting projects I have in the pipeline.

Brethren Born #3:Deceptions is fully funded and in full production!

The brand new Brethren Born#3:Deceptions is funded with the campaign finishing on April 2nd.  We smashed our backer record with 139 people joining the adventure with people from all over the world wanting to read the next exciting instalment. All of the orginal art rewards went and now the real hard work starts.  Thank you to everyone who backed the comic and if you missed out, don't worry, you'll be able to get hold of Issue 3 as well as the other issues at cons, here or over on Comichaus. 


Get your hands on the first issue of Brethren Born #1 and Brethren Born #2 by clicking the covers above or the following Comichaus.com link as well.  Signing up to Comichaus is very simple indeed but if you have any problems send me your order to level8comics@gmail.com and I'll guide you through the process.  If you buy both issues at the same time, you will only be charged once for postage so take advantage of the cheaper price!!! The variant limited edition of issue #2 is also still available but currently only by email order due to limited stock!!  Any problems please let us know.  You can also get the digital copy of issue 1 and issue 2 for just 99 cents (about 69p) over on Comixology.  I'd love to hear what you guys think of the books and stay tuned for some really cool prize draws happening soon.  JL

Brethren Born




7/3/17:  The Comichaus anthology #4 here. After some critical acclaim, the fourth iinstallment continues with the serialised stories including our last part of Booted and Suited by myself and Dan Butcher and it really ramps up the action.    Click the link above to get hold of all 4 issues.

Jon Laight started Level 8 Comics to first of all ensure his first comic was brought to life but also to ensure his future comics could be published.  Soon this may include other writer/creator owned comics and get the fantastic indie comic world noticed and recieve the recognition it deserves.  Contact us on how to use crowdfunding and other options.  Cheers, Jon Laight.


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